Thursday, 19 December 2013

Meeting in Pesaro with volunteers from ANTEAS

This morning we met with some senior volunteers part of the association named "ANTEAS - Associaizone Nazionale tutte le età attive per la solidarietà" of Pesaro.

The IT tools of the project have been illustrated and the participants have had the opportunity to get to know the SAVIC project.

Good Luck in being part of the Community!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Seniors in Sant'Angelo in Vado

On Friday 13 December 2013 we met with a small group of seniors from Sant'Angelo in Vado. We had a short workshop on how to use the ICT tools set up for the SAVIC project and a short illustration on how to use English language learning material.

All participants are very eager to be part of the community and will work hard to start communicating in a foreign language. Good luck!

Active Seniors from Pesaro

Representatives of different associations of seniors (CNA pensionati, i bambini di Simone, la Banca del Tempo) met on 9 December 2013 for a workshop held in a computer lab in Pesaro. The workshop was meant to illustrate the use of ICT tools for the SAVIC project and to introduce the participants to the different communication tools available.

The representatives of the associations have been active in using the tools and will spread the news within their group of seniors.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Civil protection volunteers hard at work!!!

On 3 and 5 December 2013, we met with a group of seniors part of the civil protection group of Senigallia.
The workshops lasted 2 hours and the participants started getting acquainted with the IT tools used within the SAVIC project.

The project blog was presented, then all participants looked at the facebook group.

During the second half of the meeting and the second day all participants communicated in English language on the online platform and carried out a few exercises of English language.

We hope to continue with the same enthusiasm we started with!!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The first meeting of Greek workshops

Training Workshops have started in Athens for Greek seniors .
The first meeting took place on the19th of November
The title of the workshops is "How to use Web 2.0 and ICT" .
The lessons will be provided by volunteer teachers in the premises of the 2nd Gymnasium of Chaidari.
In the first lesson, nine trainees were involved. 
Dimitris, the trainer, wonderful teacher, as the “students” said, gave the basic knowledge of coming to terms with technology and generally brought them to a first acquaintance with the computer.
The lessons will take place every Tuesday.
A very big “thanks” to the 2nd Gymnasium of Chaidari and especially to its headmaster . She believes in opening school to community.
In the next lessons all members of the group, about 30 adults, will be involved.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

First project meeting in Athens

In the last 4 days ( sept. 8-11) we have completed the first meeting for the project. We are all happy because of full cooperation with all the participant. Oiko.poli.s ( ) was the hosting organization under the direction of Sofia Dimitriou Psarrou. She made special arrangements to facilitate the discussion with different volunteering groups and also the visits to the city of Athens and surrounding areas. I really enjoyed the vist to Akrata and the driving back to Athens in the night .
We are preparing the Minutes of the meeting for all people interested to know about activities, and mobility plan of seniors in Italy and Greece.

Monday, 2 September 2013


According to studies and reports, in Europe, most people during their retirement follow sedentary life styles, which lead to an increase in diseases, psychological problems and a decrease in vitality, social contacts and learning.
We intent to promote volunteer work  for the protection of the environment and the maintenance of our cultural heritage  We want to communicate and share ideas  with volunteers working in sister associations in other European countries .
The  participation in this project will be the beginning of an international activity. The volunteers and the associations will learn from each other and will share good practice in encouraging active ageing, by creating opportunities for older people to exchange ideas and voluntarily participate in their local communities.
Also we are interested in creating a network among people from the two countries, in order to exchange ideas and share their know-how and technology from the beginning of the project.
During the two-year project we intend to create opportunities for lifelong learning and active community involvement with older people, through voluntary action in three domains: environment projects, cultural awareness and use of new technologies (ITT).We are planning to organize learning events creating new forms of co-existence and co-action for all the participants in the society.