OIKOPOLIS is an association with an interest in environmental and cultural activities. A significant number of Oikopolis members are involved in the promotion of environmental issues. Also Oikopolis members participate in a number of volunteer activities which aim at the protection and conservation of natural life and the preservation and projection of our cultural heritage. Also they participate in a lot of activist actions with scope the protection of human rights.

Most of our members take initiatives and participate in various activities. At the moment, the main concern on environmental issues is accomplished through organizing joint activities for the protection of the biodiversity of the mountains in the western part of Athens (Mount Aegaleo, Poikilo Mountain and Lake Koumoundourou) .

According to its statute, Oikopolis has the following objectives:
•   Protecting natural environment in its broadest sense.
•   Developing community activities related to unemployment, lifelong learning, disability, solidarity, etc.
•   Encouraging actions to improve quality of life.

•   Promoting activities related to culture in the broadest sense.



TRAINING 2000 is a Vocational Training Organization, which operates mainly in the Marche Region in activities of Adult Education and Training   (LLP - continuous and permanent education), consulting and promotion of Innovative Technologies in companies, training of trainers in ICT in education. Since 1994, Training 2000 organizes Vocational training courses in the areas of ICT, Textile and fashion, import-export for SMEs, English language for unemployed people and staff in companies, integration of socially disadvantaged groups, agriculture and rural tourism, sustainable development and environment, new methodologies in teaching and learning (blended-learning). Training 2000 is a “Certified centre for training” in the Marche region, it operates in regime of Quality and cooperates in Regional and European networks of different actors: Employment Offices, Trade Unions, Associations of SMEs, Public offices (Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Marche Region), University of Macerata, University of Bremen, University of Utrecht, University school of Lugano (SUPSI), University of Ancona, private and public institutions in the social sector, Associations active in the mountain community of Pesaro and Urbino, National park management of San Bartolo, CNA – National association of artisans and pensioners, Civil protection from Senigallia ( volunteer organization).

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