Sunday, 26 January 2014

“The use of digital technology in education”

The use of digital technology in education”, was  a conference in the lounge of the University of Athens "Kostis Palamas"-25 of January 2014 from the European Association of Teachers-Section Greece.
Sofia Dimitriou –Psarrou, President of Association OIKO.POLI.S presented the project SAVIC. The title of her presentation was :
 “ New technologies as bridges  between ages and peoples.  Case Study –Grundtvig Senior project  SAVIC"
 The participants were very enthusiastic with all the activities and generally with the philosophy of the project.
Click here to see the presentation (in greek edition)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Greek group of poetry

Some of Greek seniors created a group of poetry. It will be a place to come, express their self, exchange ideas about Greek and Italian poems, to discuss and improve their knowledge in poetry and so much more.
The Greek poetry is a history of three thousand years. From the epics of Homeric Greece to the historical , from the romances, hymns,  to the innovative voices of a resurgent twentieth century, this group will have goals to  bring together the diverse strands of the Greek poetic tradition.
In the first meeting they discuss about poetry. How they feel about poetry . What is this?
In the second meeting they read poems of our National poet Dionysios Solomos.