Thursday, 18 September 2014

Greek recipes from workshops

 1st: Greek   vegetables  of  Summer  with  Greek  cheeses      
Matters :
1 kilo marrows ,  1/2 kilo plants  ,   1 large onion ,   cups  parsley ,  1 cup  mint,    2  cups  feta   cheese ,  1 cup  hart  or  soft  cheese ,  ½  cup  olive oil ,
3 eggs ,  ¼ of  a  cup  fine flour , salt and pepper
Pass  the  marrows  the  plants  and  the  onion  in  the  grater  and  put  them  in a  strainer  for  2  hours,  
squeeze  inside  the  strainer  very  well  and  after  in  the  hands   ( it must have not fluid ) . Pass  also  the  cheeses  in  the  same  grater .  
Cup  into   slices  the parsley  and  the  mint.  
Put  the  matters  in  a  large  bowl  and  mix  up  them  very  well . At  last  put  the  mix  in  a  baking  pan  and  bake  to  180  cal  for  3/4  of hour
 Wish you success !!!!!!!   Eirini Bourolia Topouzoglou                                         
2nd: Solar cooking recipes  by Xristiana

1. White pale beans Click  here for details  

Closing event in Palataki - 12 of Sept. 2014.

Palataki - 12 of Sept. 2014. Italian and Greeks present their experiences. Goodbye party !!
It was a very special interculture party.
Creativity is the least we can say. Much more : real people, real interest in sharing music and language, way of llfe, freedom through music, equality, no boudaries. It was great. people shall do more of these events.

Click here to see the Greek point of view.

This is a video from this day. A lot of friends and members of OIKOPOLIS watched the party and via the activities they understood the big friendship which is developed between Greek and Italian group.

Workshop for Composting in the Environmental Centre Drapetsonas.

Adults from the group Savic and from Piraeus exchanged  ideas for waste management.

The Italians presented how  the waste management is organized in their area.


Workshop about Greek dances

Sept . 10th : Meeting with seniors from the Association “Folklore and Culture Center of West Attica

“The Greek  seniors , member of this association ,  taught  folklore Greek dances  to Italian seniors  and they had a very nice discussion about  Greek dances and traditional costumes via a biomatic way.

Harnessing the sun -Presentation of solar ovens -Saving energy and protecting the environment .Exchanging experiences and knowledge.

Click here to learn about solar cooking in greek language and here to learn about some solar cooking recipes.
The seniors participated in a workshop about solar cooking , they cooked their own lunch and ate all together.

Lessons from ICT for Greek and Italian seniors from an Italian volunteer

Elmo de Angelis present the web of savic project and gave some information how to work  moodle  and groups in facebook.

Visit Nafplio- Mykines. Greek and Italian seniors spending a day together

Sept. 6th: Vist to Nafplion and Mykines - The town was the capital of the First Hellenic Republic, from the start of the Greek Revolution in 1821 until 1834. 
Nafplio is now the capital of the regional unit of Argolis.

  Christiana wrote for Italians:I hope that when you look at the sky from now on, you will remember Perseas and Andromeda and off course our trip to Mikines.
Click here....for more

Voluntary activities in Environmental Awareness Park 'Antonis Tritsis' in cooperation with Volunteers from this Park

Sept 5th - workshop about  Environmental awareness in the Park AntonisTritsis - Center of Athens. 
Italian and Greek volunteers perform the activity of cleaning from the water and land.
After that they took information how is the volunteering in Greece.

Visit an Open Care Centre for elderly in Egaleo in cooperation with the agency OCEAN

In warm and welcoming climate members from  the 6th Open Care Centre of Egaleo welcomed the Italians from Savic project, fun together with music and dance and enjoyed delicious traditional food .

Meeting with volunteer groups from Chaidari and solidarity groups

Tueday 2nd of Sept. - Meeting solidarity groups in Chaidari ,
 reading poems,discussing..
You can watch poems from Greek and italian , Flora and Bruna..

Mediterranean diet in cooperation with Greek seniors

Two days , Greek and Italian seniors had dinner together with typical Greek specialties. 
They discussed and exchange ideas about Mediterranean diet with  music and dance .

Monday, 15 September 2014

Walk and guiding in Chaidari ( Palataki - Nicholas Gyzis Building- Botanical garden Diomidis - Monastery of Dafni)

Palataki has been declared as preserved building, owned by the Municipality of Haidari since 1979. The building is located at the Athens Avenue. It’s a romantic historical architecture style with New-Gothic elements and fortified features.
The two floors of the Tower consist of decorated rooms, ceiling paintings, stately furniture, attic and basement.
Today in the Tower Palataki is accommodated the Intellectual Center of the Municipality of Haidari and the Library
Click here and here and here and here  to see some photos from workshop in Palataki.
Nicolaos Gyzis’ Building has been declared as preserved building in the Municipality of Haidari and is located at the forecourt of the Tower Palataki .
The walls of the building are full with paintings of Gysis called “The Four Seasons”: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. The last one is missing since the devastating decades of Noeclassicism, when the place of the “Winter” took a window. This work of art reveals all the details of how the yard of the building was, at the time when Nicolaos Gyzis lived there. (From 1865 to 1870).
The Botanic Garden of Diomidis
owned by the University of Athens, extends over 1500 acres and includes a rich collection of flowers and plants around the world. According to the International Association of Botanic Gardens is a museum, which exposes scientifically documented plant collections.
Apart from its educational value, it’s one of the major recreation areas and parks in Athens. It’s a place worth to be visited from young and old lovers of the nature.

Click here and here  to see some fotos from Sept. 4th - workshop in the botanical garden in Chaidari
The Byzantine Monastery in Dafni
is located on the foot of the Mountain “Poikilo”, at Athens Avenue and was built on the place, where the Temple of Apollon in Dafni, used to be. Since 1990, has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage, while the earthquake in 1999 caused severely damages to the monastery, which are being restored gradually.
The Monastery of Dafni was built probably around 1080, sponsored by an unknown benefactor, as no dedicatory inscription was found.

The Dafni Monastery consists of the church, the precinct, the monks” cells, the Holy Table, the kitchen, the baths, the cistern and a rectangular room. The monastery dates back to the late 11th century and represents the architectural type of the octagonal cruciform church. The mosaics in the cathedral are the best preserved of the first period and the most representative is the one which depicts Christ the Almighty inside of the dome.

Visiting a local winery in Akrata, Krokidas winery.

Visit to Kalavryta by Odontotos rack railway

Vouraikos Canyon - Cog Railway (Odontotos)

Cog Railway (Odontotos) which links Kalavrita with Diakopto going through Vouraikos Canyon, is one of the most beautiful natural sights in Greece. It has been mentiοned as the most beautiful train trip in Balkans.The journey takes one hour and the speed of the train ranges between 30 and 40 Km/h at usual rail and 6 - 15 Km/h at cogs.
The Italian group visited kalavryta by Odontotos and they had a guiding for the history of this city.

Outdoor activities in Lake TSIVLOU in cooperation with the Environmental Centre of Kleitoria

Lake of Tsivlou is a place of great natural beauty and an ideal place for nature – rambling the year round. The locals call it the jewel in the crown of this area. Further on the way one meets picturesque villages scattered in dense forests on the slopes of Chelmos  mountain.
The village Zarouchla (at 1000 m) built in the 18th and early 19th centuries by skilled stone masons
Near to Zarouchla one finds the impressive fir forest of Zarouchla. High above tower the high peaks of Helmos mountain, one of the highest mountains of the Peloponnese and certainly the highest one in the prefecture of Achaias. Its highest peak is 2,355 m.
Very nice visit to Lake Tsivlou. The Sacvic group, Greek and Italian thank very much Konstantina Kizilou  who during vacation,  gave us amazing experiences with very good organising workshop for Lake Tsivlou.
Click here to watch a video created by Theo Otreinos, member of Greek Savic.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Traditional diet in Kalamia with Italian and Greek food

Eating, discussing, singing, dancing. Interculture in a lot of fields.
It was the first step for friendship.

Visit to village Kalamias and participation in collecting currant

The seniors worked hard with enthusiastic!!!!They participated in all the parts of collecting and discussed about currant cultivation and process   with growers .

Workshop: walking to the beach- Concerted actions are taken for protecting the environment from human destructive activities .Compare the Italian sea and Korinthiakos gulf

In very good mood the seniors involved in a discussion about Korinthian Gulf and exchange ideas about the environmental problems in their region. With them was Mrs Iliana Aliferi , who was explained the problems of Korinthian Gulf  . She was  a represented person of Derveni Municipality .

Programme SAVIC 24/8-13/9

The Italian seniors for 3 weeks in Greece