This project with its results will try to become an exemplar module for long-life learning, which can be used by other institutions interested in adding value to the seniors’ knowledge and skills for adults’ education processes.
It will also contribute to the development and implementation of non-profit activities, and beyond this, it will encourage seniors to contribute to the community as an active citizen.

1. A brochure of best practices (in Greek and Italian languages), containing the most relevant aspects of the volunteers exchange and how sending and hosting organizations used the senior volunteers’ knowledge, skills and life experiences in the adult education process, or a user guide useful to other associations .
2. Six portfolios with volunteers’ activities in each organization (12 in total)
3. A DVD with short video and photos  during the project
4. A website of the project which will be a point reference for various users across Europe and world-wide.
5. A core skilled 50+ volunteers who can train other people in their own communities, using both their knowledge and personal life experience and the knowledge & experience gained from  the project.
6. A blog in which the seniors volunteers can publicize  their stories and their experience  from the two European countries . Stories will be available in the original languages, GR, IT and En  .

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