Monday, 27 July 2015

Sustainability of the cooperation between OIKO.POLI.S and TRAINING2000

Members of TRAINING 2000, Elmo De Angelis and Rosella Giovagnoli,  have  continued the SAVIC experience in attending other workshop under the program called "Environmental education for trainers and adults"  which organised by OIKO.POLI.S 1-8 July 2015 in Athens (Erasmus+, KA1).

PROGRAMME      1st   JULY-8th  JULY

 1st Day : Wednesday Travelling day.

 2nd Day : Thursday Place : OIKO.POLI.S – Antheon 72 , Chaidari
TRAINERS: Sofia Dimitriou -Thodoris Orinos -Dinou Ioanna- Eleni Niarchou

9.00-10.30  Sofia Dimitriou
Workshop with ice breaking activities.
Welcome, Registration, course documents. Introduction and practicalities. Course overview and course objectives .
 “Great Expectations: Flying towards and landing at the end of a successful course”: Each participant talks about their own expectations of the course.
Consolidating the group. Team building .Getting to know each other.
10.30-11.00   Coffee Break
11.00-12.30 Thodoris Orinos
Presentation-Discussion  Knowledge and definition of sustainability
12.30-13.30 Light lunch by OIKOPOLIS
13.30-15.30  Eleni Niarchou – Ioanna Dinou
Workshop – The active citizen
Reporting on the work done during the day.

3rd Day : Friday  
Place : Oikopolis  Antheon 72 , Chaidari
Vasilopoulou Smaragda -Triantafyllou Stavroula

9:00-10:00: "Design and implemented strategies for sustainable waste management in the context of Education, Households and Local Communities"
10:00-10.30 coffee break
10.30-13:00: Workshop: The "3R" Model : Reduse-Reuse-Recycle, Application on every day life
13.00 14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.30  Vasilopoulou Smaragda 
Presentation : "Composting: Process and Application"
14.30-15.00 The Story of Stuff Project. It is a journey began with a 20-minute online movie about the way we make, use and throw away all the Stuff in our lives.
15.00 -15.30:Reporting for the work done during the day
4th Day :  Saturday (comfortable clothes and shoes-hat )
Place : CEE of Elefsina  -  Kontouli 60, Elefsina
Papalexiou Ioanna - Eleni Niarchou – Ioanna Dinou
9.00-12.00  Papalexiou Ioanna
“Elefsina  city and bay- a sustainability  trail”
Brief presentation on the history of the area and related environmental issues.
Workshop: Environmental trail through Elefsina and its seafront.
12.00-12.30 Break coffee-sandwich by CEE
12.30-14.00 Eleni Niarchou 
Workshop: Design and apply a strategy for cleaner production within organizations, companies, general households . Study case of Cement  Elefsinas
14.00-14.30  Reporting for the work done during the day


6th Day Monday
Place: Lake Koumoundourou-Sofia Dimitriou Psarrou- Theodoris Orinos
9.00-11.00 Workshop in Lake to identified biodiversity, pollutence to local industries
OIKO.POLI.S Place: 11.00-14.30
Presentation and discussion about Lake Koumoundourou
14.30-15.00  Reporting for the work done during the day

7th Day :
Place: Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry- University of Athens-Zografou
Dasenakis Manos , Theodora Paramana, Katerina Sakellari

9.00 – 14.00  
Presentation about laboratory of Chemistry
Climate protection and reduction of ecological footprint.
12.30-14.00 Discussion with Mr. M. Scoulos and M. Dasenakis

19.00-20.30    OIKO.POLI.S Place
Conclusions and Evaluations-Feedback, course evaluation and dissemination focus
20.30-22.30 Farewell dinner and party- Certificates 

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