Monday, 15 September 2014

Outdoor activities in Lake TSIVLOU in cooperation with the Environmental Centre of Kleitoria

Lake of Tsivlou is a place of great natural beauty and an ideal place for nature – rambling the year round. The locals call it the jewel in the crown of this area. Further on the way one meets picturesque villages scattered in dense forests on the slopes of Chelmos  mountain.
The village Zarouchla (at 1000 m) built in the 18th and early 19th centuries by skilled stone masons
Near to Zarouchla one finds the impressive fir forest of Zarouchla. High above tower the high peaks of Helmos mountain, one of the highest mountains of the Peloponnese and certainly the highest one in the prefecture of Achaias. Its highest peak is 2,355 m.
Very nice visit to Lake Tsivlou. The Sacvic group, Greek and Italian thank very much Konstantina Kizilou  who during vacation,  gave us amazing experiences with very good organising workshop for Lake Tsivlou.
Click here to watch a video created by Theo Otreinos, member of Greek Savic.

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