Monday, 10 November 2014

Six Italian from Training2000 in Greece

3 weeks with common actions in Greece-24/8-13/9

«Seniors as volunteers in communities  (SAVIC)» is European project under Grundtvig-Senior which OIKOPOLIS is responsible for, for the period  1.1.2013-30.8.2015.
This project takes place in cooperation with the Italian organization Training 2000.
SAVIC is aiming at international communication, giving to adults the opportunity to participate in and be an important part of their local community through volunteering.
From August 24th until September 13th - for 21 sequent days – 6 Italians visited Greece and participated in projects organized from OIKOPOLIS members for them.
During the 1st week they stayed at Akrata (Ahaia region) and visited lake Tsivlou, participating in outdoor activities organized in collaboration with the local  Environmental education center.
They helped in harvesting Corinthian raisins at Kalamias village with great enthusiasm. This gave them the chance to come in touch with locals and learn about  their cultivation methods. Furthermore, they participated in in a panel with experts  on problems such as Corinthians's erosion.
They visited a local winery and talked with more locals about Mediterranean diet while cooking together Italian and Greek recipes. After lunch Greek and Italian music was a great excuse to dance and relax.

The next couple of weeks more  activities were organized mostly in Athens with great enthusiasm and participation from OIKOPOLIS members.
Since the Italians were representatives of volunteer organizations in their country the idea was to get them in touch with similar organizations and solidarity groups in Haidari area.
They participated in a poetry reading night both in Greek and Italian and talked about solidarity and volunteering.
Greek and Italian musicians met, taught each other traditional songs from their countries which they mutually performed on the last's day event. 
The 6th Seniors Activity Center of Aegaleo in collaboration with OCEAN organization made a warm welcome to the Italian guests with music, dances and Greek delicacies.
OIKOPOLIS participated in a workshop about composting at Drapetsona's Environmental Educational Center.  Greek and Italians SAVIC participants exchanged ideas on waste management. Especially the Italians brought their experience on the subject from their region.
Greek and Italian volunteers, respectively, taught Italian, English and Greek to each other.
Greeks and Italians enthusiastically participated in “Antonis Tritsis” park cleanup.
Aftarkeia (Self-sufficiency) Network presented them their solar cooker and they all talked about energy saving while tasting delicious solar cooked food.
The also met members of “West Attica's Folklore and Cultural Center” who taught them Greek folklore dances.
They were guided to places of archaeological, cultural and environmental interest like Acropolis, Dafni Abbey, Palataki, Gyzi building, Aigina island, Kalavrita-Vouraikos cannyon, Diomidios Garden.
Finally after 21 days, a farewell performance with music, singing and dancing at Palataki. An event with great participation, pulse and thrill.  
Greeks and Italians sang and danced together, practicing brotherhood, proving that there are no borders for people.

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