Saturday, 8 November 2014

Municipality of Saint Angelo in Vado-Meeting with Italian Seniors

Wednesday 15th - welcome to Sant' Angelo in Vado
Sant`Angelo in Vado is a charming medieval village situated in the inland parts of Marches, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, washed by the river Metauro. Writer Tasso wrote „... The river which makes you fall in love unexpectedly and for a long time … more rich in glory than water …”.
Sant`Angelo in Vado, ancient Tifernum Mataurense, is a land which possesses a big archaeological, architectural, anthropological and artistic heritage enshrined in the splendid churches and private houses which are scattered all over the territory. Now and then the soil reveals unexpected treasures and the one of Sant`Angelo in Vado hides at least two of them. The first is a gastronomy deliciousness that is called the White truffle, the second one is relics of antiquity: the Domus of the Myth. We are speaking about a domus dated 1st century AC with extraordinarily preserved floors of two or more coloured mosaics: by entering a tourist is welcomed by Neptune and Amphitrite on a carriage of triumph. 
The ex-Mayor SettimioBravi  told to Greek group about the city and its history.
Here you can watch a video   from this day:

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